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Sep 19

Protecting Your Electronic Personal Data

Disaster RecoveryIt’s hard to believe but my first computer relied on a cassette tape drive to store programs and data. I considered it a luxury, when I upgraded to a floppy drive a few months later. Four years after that, I moved to a PC with a 10MB hard drive. The data storage requirements were minimal, so backing up data to floppy disks was more than sufficient. Over time, I used a variety of technologies for securing the data generated at home. I used the IOmega ZIP and Jazz drives for a time. Like others, eventually I found myself with a collection of cartridges but no drives to use them with as the technology fell victim to new backup technologies. I also used CD and DVD for backing data.

Today, our home computers serve as a storage platform for more critical data because we use our computers for home banking, completing taxes, managing investments accounts and the like. We also store family history like digital pictures and home movies. A couple of years ago, I purchased a single drive Western Digital 1TB MyBook World to store our family photos and movies. When I installed the device, I began to think about the risk of a single drive unit and about backups of backups. I looked at redundant drives, but at the time the cost was more than I wanted to invest. Well, a few days ago I noticed that my operating system was losing the mapping to the MyBook. Yesterday, I realized that the unit is failing when operating for a while and turning the unit off to cool would restore functionality when powered back on. So I began the process of moving data to another location temporarily while I considered my options.

After reading a few reviews and comments of others, I settled on the Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440. The device contains 4, 1TB drives and supports a variety of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) configurations. RAID provides the ability to replicate data across multiple disks , therefore reducing the possibility of losing data due to the unlikelihood that two disks would fail at the same time. The BlackArmor supports hot swapping drives, so when a disk fails I can replace the drive without shutting down the unit. When the new disk is inserted, the RAID system rebuilds the data on the new drive using the replicated data from the other drives.

I have managed to avoid any loss of critical data during my computing experience spanning nearly 30 years, but I have heard horror stories from friends. As in the case with the MyBook, a simple flip of a coin may have resulted in non-recoverable loss of data and a horror story of my own. When the NAS arrives and gets installed, I’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing that the ever increasing amount data in our household is safe for a little while longer.

I would love to hear your story about how you manage computer data in your home and any horror stories you have to share because data was not backed up.

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Jul 24

Will iPad Cannibalize PC Market or is the Device additive?

Brooke Crothers reports in a CNET article about two opinions regarding the iPad’s effect on PC sales,
Apple ponders iPad cannibalization of PCs.iPad and Laptop

Tim Cook, Apple Chief Operating Officer, speculates on the potential of the iPad to cannibalize the PC market, while Stacy Smith, Intel Chief Financial Officer, claims the iPad falls into the additive category.

After using the iPad for three months, I find the device very useful in many circumstances but do not see the device replacing my laptop or desktop PC. As the integration of software improves on the device, that might change but I do not see those improvements becoming available in the next couple of years. I am siding with Stacy Smith at this time as I believe the iPad is an additive technology.

What do you think? Will the iPad cannibalize the PC market or is the device an additive technology?

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Jun 19

The iPad and eLearning

After my usual early wakeup and a stroll to the coffee shop, I performed my standard routine. With iPad in hand, I settled into a cozy spot on the couch and browsed through my email received throughout the sleeping hours, scoured through news feeds, and read a few blog posts.

Before leaving on our weekend get-away, I had located and downloaded some iTunesU podcasts with the anticipation of viewing on my own schedule. With some time to spare while I await my wife to awaken, I decided to watch a podcasts or two. I donned my Motorola S9 Bluetooth Headset and watched an introduction to iProgramming and a lecture from Stanford University about designing applications for the iPad.

I have truly enjoyed the mobility of the iPad for the last few weeks and will now add a new favorite application of the platform – eLearning. When browsing through iTuneU, you are sure to find topics that feed your craving for learning. As a dedicated lifelong learner, the on-demand, podcast delivery capability coupled with the mobility of the iPad provides another means of feeding the need for continual learning.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences as you explore and discover your favorite uses of the iPad.

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May 13

Apple iPad Unwrapped

I finally received my iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 64BG on 12 May 2010. I missed the home delivery by 7 minutes so later in the evening I had to drive 56 miles round-trip to retrieve the box from the FedEx site. I simply could not wait another day.

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May 08

iPad Keyboard Dock Unwrapped

The unwrapping of the Apple iPad keyboard dock. At the time of the posting, I am still awaiting the arrival of the iPad but hope to receive this next week.

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