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Debblws - 6 Apr 2013

Whether we want to admit it or not every person will have to deal with something in their lives that Darryl Pendergrass touched on in this book. It may not be to the severity that he experienced but I know that there are so many things in this book that I wish I had known about when we were helping my husband's mother through her illness. So many useful resources, management skills, helpfulness of family and friends, emotional needs, taking care of yourself as the caregiver and so on. There was nothing that the writer, Darryl, did not touch on. This book has so many helpful ideas in it that I am purchasing the hard copy as well as having the ebook.

Uncle ED - 3 Apr 2013

Suddenly a Caregiver is a family recipe for hope in crises. It provides a picture of love that will sustain and endure through any life-threatening tragedy. The book is a road map for a quality of life that bonds two hearts even closer in view of the temporary separation that comes with one passing on due to a terminal illness. Their faith in God assured the temporary nature of separation. Should be read by any who are facing such a situation with a loved one.

S. Humphrey - 2 Apr 2013

This is a very interesting and helpful book for dealing with serious illness. Whether you are the patient or the caregiver, you will be inspired and enlightened by this honest account of one family's journey with brain cancer.

Phoenix - 31 Mar 2013

A very sincere & moving experience shared by the author. I found it helpful and would recommend it to others going who find themselves in the position of care giving.

Kcarstens - 1 Apr 2013

Beautifully written! So many lessons to be learned on how to love and care for a terminally ill patient or even an aging parent. This patient was blessed to have a wonderful husband and family and they were immensely blessed to have her!

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Carol - 3 Jun 2013

An excellent book for non healthcare professionals when dealing with anyone who is suddenly faced with being a caregiver. Darryl Petergrass discusses what he and his family experienced when his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer and how the people in his life expressed their grief. What is also extremely helpful is how he discusses the importance of having a good support system, how to manage finances, scheduling MD appointments, etc. that most people have a hard time grasping.

Laruel - 14 Jun 2013

Mr. Pendergrass has written a very good book of his family's experience of caregiving his wife when she passed. There is a lot of excellent information and helpful tips for others going through this with a loved one. As a caregiver for the past 35 years, I learned some new tips. Well written.