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May 08

Building a Career Portfolio

CareerPortfolio The Career Portfolio Workbook: Using the Newest Tool in Your Job-Hunting Arsenal to Impress Employers and Land a great Job!


Frank Satterthwaite and Gary D’Orsi describe the importance of building a career portfolio and provide various approaches for assembling an artifact library (Master Portfolio). The master portfolio contains artifacts or evidence of your personal behaviors and characteristics that add value, experience, accomplishments, knowledge, and skills – a.k.a. P.E.A.K.S. When an opportunity arises, the master portfolio provides a library from which to create a targeted portfolio specifically designed to take advantage of the opportunity. The targeted portfolio is useful for a new job interview, a promotion, a lateral transfer, or a performance review.

Proactively creating your master portfolio helps you by avoiding the anxiety you might have when trying to prepare for the opportunity on short notice. Analyzing your master portfolio helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and enables you to build a plan to enhance your marketability.

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